Bushey's frequently asked questions.

  • Try the Better Business Bureau for starters. We have held an A+ rating for several years as well as been awarded several times. We complete approximately 1,500 installations a year with NO COMPLAINTS. Also we have excellent marks and reviews with Angie’s List, Super Pages and several other similar agencies. Ask us to see a copy of any of these as well as our long list of happy customers.

  • Quality, reputation, service and competitive pricing among a few. We strive for excellence in all aspects of the every project. From the showroom experience, initial design consultation, installation and after the job service… we want complete customer satisfaction.

  • Yes, we carry full Liability and Workman’s Compensation insurance on all of our employees. 

  • Yes, we are an accredited member with an A+ rating.

  • Yes, we have qualified professionals who will assess your project and carefully offer options that will fit your style, budget and needs.

  • We only carry brands that pass our rigorous inspections and meet our strict warranty requirements. We offer different brands of windows and doors, so we can offer the correct solution for your home.

  • Low E is a metallic coating on the inside glass surface to reflect or absorb the sun’s warmth and reduce damaging UV rays. Offers enhanced U factor and solar heat gain coefficient to make your home more energy efficient. 

  • Argon is an odorless, colorless, non-toxic, inert gas that can be used instead of air between panes of glass to increase insulation and energy efficiency.

  • This measures the rate of heat loss and how well a product insulates.The lower the number, the better a product is at keeping heat inside a building. The U factor is key in winter months, and important to consider in choosing a window.

  • This measures how well a product blocks heat from the sun. The lower the number the better.

  • This measures resistance to heat loss. Many people are familiar with R-Values because of its use in home insulation, but actually, for windows and doors, U-Factor and solar heat gain coefficients are more important measure of a products effectiveness.

  • Energy Star is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices. 

  • Yes, Bushey’s offers full frame installation with all new interior casing, or insert installation where your existing interior casing stays. our professionals can explain both options and offer the best one for your home.

  • There are two types of condensation, interior and exterior. Exterior condensation usually occurs in the warmer months and interior condensation in the winter months. Interior condensation is most often caused by extreme cold outside and excess moisture present inside the home. There are measures that can be taken to reduce interior condensation. Click here for our condensation brochure.

  • Our professional installers install year round.There is very minimal time between when the old window is removed and the new window is installed in the opening. We only take out one window at a time and put the new one in right away before going on to the next one.

    Winter is the time when most people need replacement windows and doors the most… waiting does not help the problem. Bushey’s are experts in winter window installation.

    Often times, we offer incentives during the winter to keep our valued installation partners busy all year around.

  • Please see the attached file for instructions.

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